Partner Deployments

The Array of Things team encourages partner deployments of the sensor network to cities and municipalities both in the US and internationally. Ideal partners for an local Array of Things deployment demonstrate a strong collaboration between an academic institution (university, national laboratory, etc.) and city government. Whether you are looking to deploy 2 or 200 nodes in your city, we encourage that the initial deployment is 1-3 nodes to acclimate you to the process and logistics of deploying nodes.

It is also important to establish what the partners are looking to measure and learn. This plan can help determine placement and appropriate number of nodes needed.

Terms of sale are a one year agreement, which includes replacement of up to two nodes in the event of failure and AT&T cellular connectivity, if within the US. International connectivity terms are negotiable. All data is securely transferred and stored to a server at Argonne National Laboratory and made publicly available. Local storage terms are also negotiable.

Once the nodes are installed they will be reporting data. Someone will need to work with the city "consumers" of the data to help them to understand the form of the data, and subsequently to analyze it. What AoT provides today is a download site with a compressed archive of all data from all nodes (within a given city) since their installation data and a portal capability via a custom URL within Plenario

After one year, service terms are negotiated. As an Array of Things partner, it is strongly suggested that collaborators adopt the Array of Things privacy policy.

Price of nodes is available upon request. You can view the latest node manual here.

Next Steps

  1. Establish a point of contact/team for your local Array of Things deployment. It is also important for all parties involved that there is a commitment to the project from all levels at the organization.
  2. Contact the Array of Things team with details on the partners and the goals of the project.
  3. The Array of Things team will send a draft terms and conditions to review, and if agreed upon, will then send a full agreement for both parties to sign.
  4. Term negotiation and delivery of the nodes can take six weeks to six months, depending on the production cycle of the nodes.

Please send inquiries to