Current AoT Node Architecture

Current Sensor List

Measurement Purpose/Application Sensor(s) Used Privacy Notes
Carbon Monoxide Air Quality/Health SPEC Sensors 3SP-CO-1000 1
Hydrogen Sulphide Air Quality/Health SPEC Sensors IAQ-100 1
Nitrogen Dioxide Air Quality/Health SPEC Sensors 3SP-NO2-20 1
Ozone Air Quality/Health SPEC Sensors 3SP-O3-20 1
Sulfur Dioxide Air Quality/Health SPEC Sensors 3SP-H2S-50 1
Air Particles Air Quality/Health (PM 2.5 to ~40) Alphasense OPC-N2 (included in ~20% of 2018 nodes); Plantower PMS7003 (all 2019 nodes) 1
Barometric Pressure Weather Conditions Bosch BMP180 1
Humidity Weather Conditions Honeywell HIH4030, Honeywell HIH6130, Measurement Specialties HTU21D, Sensirion SHT25 1
Temperature Weather Conditions Honeywell HIH6130, Measurement Specialties HTU21D, STMicroelectronics LPS25H, U.S. Sensor PR103J2, Sensirion SHT25, Bosch Sensortec BMP180, Measurement Specialties TSYS01, Texas Instruments TMP112 & TMP421 1
Physical Shock/Vibration Detect heavy vehicles, shock to street pole (e.g. accident) Freescale Semiconductor MMA8452Q 1
Acceleration and Orientaion Bosch BMI160 1
Magnetic Field Detect heavy vehicle flow Honeywell HMC5883L 1
Infrared Light Cloud cover, sunlight intensity AMS-TAOS USA TSL206RD 1
Light Cloud cover, sunlight intensity LAPIS Semiconductor ML8511, Melexis MLX75305 1
Ultraviolet Intensity Cloud cover, sunlight intensity Silicon Labs Si1145 1
Visible Light Cloud cover, sunlight intensity AMS-TAOS USA TSL250RD, Avago Technologies APDS-9006-020 1
RMS Sound Level Sound intensity (loudness) Knowles SPV1840LR5H-B 2
Camera Street conditions, traffic flow, events ELP-USB500W02M-L 170, ELP-USB500W02M-L 140 2,3

Privacy Notes

1: These sensors do not have the capability to measure or identify individuals.

2: Microphones and cameras in public spaces do not collect sensitive personally identifiable information (PII). Microphone and camera images will be processed in near-real-time within the installed equipment, not transmitted or stored, with the exception of less than 1% of images at random times, saved for the purposes of image processing software calibration. Although these images will not contain PII, they will be controlled and protected with the same measures typically afforded PII. For more information and detail, please see the Privacy Policy.

3: During the 2016-2017 pilot period, the cameras will be used for the purposes of detecting and publishing (a) count/flow of pedestrians, (b) count and flow of various vehicle types, and (c) extent to which road surface is covered with standing water (flooding). This list will be updated prior to publishing new types of data from images.